1. Writing from Benson, AZ with a Jack & Coke in my hand, in a hotel room plastic cup.

2. Looking forward to getting home and kicking our weight loss back into gear.

3. In about two weeks I get to see my new primary care doctor. Looking forward to it.

4. Went to Kartchner Caverns today. It was totally amazing. What’s more amazing is that we couldn’t take our phones or cameras in and it felt awesome to be disconnected from technology for over an hour. I think I might do a technology free hour every day.

5. Heading home on Tuesday morning! Been an amazing trip, and I always love spending time with my BFF, but I can’t wait to get home, snuggle my dog, and get everything going again at home.

6. Went to Tombstone today. Tons of fun!

7. Getting sushi tomorrow, even though I hate seafood, everyone else loves that shit and eats it up. So I’ll be, probably, sitting there with my chicken teriyaki. Like always!