Is it “ket-oh” or “key-toh?”  lol I say “key-toh,” but that’s because our cat makes a noise we call “keeting,” so it makes me giggle to say “key-toh.”  It’s like “Keet-o!”

Anyhow, starting Monday, if not Sunday!


1. Carb loading continues, I’ll probably just carb load today then relax through the weekend. I’ve even been eating gluten even though it makes me sick!

2. I’m sitting out front of my first case for the day. It’s scheduled for 9, and I got here at 8:45. I passed a Goodwill on my way that I may have to check out on my way home!

3. Going to go get my car a bath today with a freebie coupon, then I might vacuum and wipe the inside down…it needs it badly.

4. I have to poop. Yep.

5. So I drove 59.1 miles one way to this case, and they don’t understand that this is too far for me to drive without a trip fee!?